bobbyt-polaZebra404 is an artistname used for my art- video- and musicprojects. My real name is Bob Timroff.
I’m a self employing artist from the Netherlands, living in ‘the Hague’. Working with multi-media, graphic-design, sound-design, music, video, AI-imaging, and more.

I am working with digital art since 1986 when I started with the Amiga and adapted the Apple Macintosch as ‘her’ successor. I teached on The Hague University for seven years for the studies “Design of Interaction (V.I.A.) and “Communication & Multimedia Design” (CMD) and worked several years for College of Multi Media

I Iove to design, write, making music, internetradio, podcasting.


My avatar Zebra Dailva in Second Life

I am also an author of several books:

One of them was about Second Life and it’s called ‘thatSLife’ . It is a guide for new users in Second Life (and it’s in Dutch as well)
My second book is called Web-tv ‘from internet-tv to videoblogging (it’s in Dutch) You can find more information about this book at this website
I also wrote few books about OS X. You can find a list on the website of my publisher.

You can find more information about me and my Second Life on SLProfiles or visit me in my studio in SL on this SLurl

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